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   This monograph presents revolutionary new ideas in physics and cosmology based on a fundamental advancement in the understanding of relativistic time. The conventional notion of time restricted to a single dimension of universal physical “3+1” spacetime is replaced by the new notion of proper time being a local geometric distinction in a manifold whose four dimensions have no universal physical interpretation. New theory based on relativistic temporal geometry describes and accurately predicts numerous previously-unexplained or misattributed empirical observations as a relativistic effect of the gravitational field, including the center-to-limb variation of the solar wavelength, the marked excess redshift of white dwarf stars, and the cosmological redshift. The purported accelerating cosmic expansion attributed to ‘dark energy’ is conclusively shown to have been an illusion that was falsely ‘authenticated’ by fabricated unphysical evidence. In addition to the foregoing developments in astrophysics and cosmology, advances have been made in the understanding of quantum mechanics and relativistic energy leading to new perspectives on the related nature of the nuclear binding force and the quantum source of the gravitational field.

   Because time is fundamental to physics, a new and more accurate mathematical model and underlying concept of relativistic time has a broad scope. The new ideas and predictive mathematics presented herein have a profound effect on the modeling of phenomena and the interpretation of empirical observations in numerous fields, including:

time & frequency metrology   •   gravitational physics   •   astrophysics   •   cosmology

astronomy   •   celestial mechanics   •   geodesy   •   quantum mechanics   •   nuclear physics