‘Dark energy’ represents the greatest scientific crisis of modern times; Professor Ian Mitroff’s expertise in crisis management is relevant.

2-minute summary excerpt from the following complete 1-hour lecture

How We Trick Ourselves & Others Into Solving the Wrong Problems Speaker Ian Mittroff Date 2010 mm:ss 58:50

Title Speaker Date mm:ss Notes
Heinsenberg’s Uncertainty Principle Walter Lewin 2009  02:08 a simple empirical demonstration of the principle
Quantum Mechanics Yves Couder 2011  03:46 a classical analog to quantum effects
A New Way to Explain Explanation David Deutsch 2009  17:14 on our special relationship with the laws of physics
Nature Conformable to Herself Murray Gell-Mann 2007  16:02 Physics Nobel Laureate on beauty & truth in physics
Powers of Ten Philip Morrison 1977  09:00 Made by Charles & Ray Eames for IBM
Finding Things Out Richard Feynman 1981  68:49 Feynman’s Douglas Robb Memorial Talks.
Thrill of Discovery Lightman & Davies 2008  25:19 WNYC RADIOLAB